Friday, April 1, 2011

In Which Cat Attempts to Paint Cheerful Scenes, and Fails Miserably

Well, this has been a month of exciting goings-on, most of which Maeve-related. The good: going to Mythic Faire, and having Pete's parents come to visit. The bad: the wee one's various ailments, starting off the month with pink eye and possibly strep, and ending it with a double ear infection and nasty cough. The beastie ended up missing preschool for the vast majority of the month. Fortunately, these illnesses have not been too severe, and Maeve has, for the most part, kept her energy levels and general goofiness. Which is good! However, after a month...

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Maeve.

Thus, not much artwork was done this month. The brain cells had been fried to the point that, by the end of the day, all I could really muster was playing Dragon Age 2. However, I did get a few sketches at Mythic Faire and found the time to paint two rather disturbing abstracts.

Yeah...was trying for a lighthearted spring vibe, failed spectacularly. Perhaps if spring were bursting out all over right before the Morlocks crawl out of their caves to hunt. Not complete loss though, as I'm sure I can use those colors and textures in a digital piece.

And that's not even the creepy one...

So, like most people out there, I watched the news reporting the tragedies in Japan and wanted to help. I know! I thought to myself, I'll do a cherry blossom-themed painting, put it up for auction and donate all of the proceeds to charity! Spring, renewal, and rebirth seemed like an excellent theme, and I decided to paint an abstract sakura tree. It would be light and cheerful and full of pink-swirly goodness! didn't quite turn out that way.

That's not a tree, it's a crime scene.

On one hand, I like the patterns, and the colors are wonderfully vibrant. On the other, it's kind of terrifying. Pete looked askance at it and remarked that it looked like afterbirth. I can't disagree. Thus, I decided to donate the older painting, which is pleasant and features a far less interpretive version of cherry blossoms (and she's still available!). Again, I'm sure I can find use for it in a digital painting somehow, so it's still worthwhile. Even if it is spooky as hell.

Next up: Mythic Faire!

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